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Self Assessment

We'll help you get your tax return completed properly and submitted on time. We'll calculate exactly what you owe and take away all the problems of having to deal with the tax man.

We're human. We understand that people may think they can save a bit of money by dealing with their own personal tax returns. And for some people that's a great idea. There's no point paying for something you can do yourself. But...

  • When things start to get a little bit complicated that you make mistakes
  • When you miss out on tax deductions you didn't realise were claimable
  • When the DIY approach takes you away from doing things with your family on a sunny weekend

...it's time to call in the professionals.

How We'll Help

Here's some of the things we'll do:

  • nag you about the deadlines
  • run through a checklist of all the things that might be relevant for your tax return
  • do all the sums and calculations needed
  • prepare your tax return and get you to approve it electronically
  • e-file your return with HMRC
  • check with HMRC where you are up to with your tax payments
  • look at whether a payment on account reduction would be a good idea
  • look at whether your National Insurance position is correct